Shawn Robinson is running for Utah Senate District 2. He is the loving husband to Erica and proud father of three children. He is a partner of a thriving criminal law practice, Skeen & Robinson. In twenty-three years, he’s never lost a jury trial.

Shawn Robinson loves his family. He’s motivated to seek office to address school gun violence. The people of Utah deserve clean air, equal pay for women, safe schools and a solution for the issues of homelessness.

Over the years of practicing law, he’s noticed statutes are often vague and poorly written. Sponsored by legislators submitting whatever bills are given to them by special interests. Shawn understands the law. He will author legislation that is clear and enforceable.


My son and every child deserves a safe school. Free of the threat of assault rifles and violence.

Together with his family, he is running for Utah Senate District 2. With your support we can preserve the natural beauty of Utah and improve our schools.